Where to go in Tel Aviv? What to see downtown? But the most important question is… Where to eat?!

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We would highly recommend Rustico, an Italian Restaurant with several locations offering a great service, an excellent and extensive food & wine menu, all for reasonable prices. We loved it!

We sat at the bar and were well-treated by the bartenders… sit there and you will probably get a free shot from the barman ;-)

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It is a blast sitting at the bar as you got to watch everything being made, its a positive sign of how fresh are the ingredients and how clean is the kitchen!

Don’t miss out: the bruschetta, the focaccia, the seppia pasta with seafood, the pizzas here are to die for, baked in a big stone hearth oven.

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Taste your meals with their wine and the cocktails which are top notch. If you are a meat lover you can’t go wrong here, both the steak and the beef stew are equally delicious. The dessert are consistently fantastic; warm pistachio cake with cherry coulis, tiramisù, nutella pizza and mascarpone cheese.

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What about the atmosphere? This place captivated us with its great buzz, it’s quaint and cosy. The staff is young, smiling and friendly. Don’t forget to reserve your table because it gets busy for lunch and after 6pm.

Rustico at Shderot Rothschild 15, Tel Aviv 6688118

Rustico at Basel Street 42, Tel Aviv 21666,

Rustico at Kaplan 22, Tel Aviv, 21666.

Photo Credits: Rustico, Tel Aviv