Believe in who God has called you to be, because there is only one you, who can NEVER BE REPLACED.

What is your art representing? What is the main reason why you decided to give life to this business/ project? 

My art represents The C. Adeola woman and she is a woman who isn’t afraid to be herself, she is strong, she’s aware of the fact that she is a woman but doesn’t allow that to depict her clothing choices. She believes that her clothing is an extension of the light inside of her, and it’s her calling in life to spread that light to the nations. bdnatt7gjdr-jpg

I want the glory of The Lord to be restored back into clothing, fashion needs to have a purpose again. I feel as though the depiction of womens clothing has become over sexualized and dark, the fantasy and character of it is gone. C. Adeola wants to be a leader in well-made clothing that compliments the wearer.

Academic background

I attended Texas A&M University where I received a bachelor degree in psychology and sociology, I realized that I had a different calling on my life so I enrolled in fashion design school at Houston Community College where I received an associates in fashion design then I later relocated to New York city where I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Fashion Design.

Chinaza in New York and Chinaza in Nigeria, what do you love and despise more about both places?

Chinaza in New York Ioves the feeling of the city, the people, the experiences and the fact that you can meet anyone on the street or subway, cons lol everything is expensive!

Chinaza in Nigeria wishes she can experience more of Nigeria to make a sound judgement, LoL!!! What I LOVE mostly is the determination of the people to always strive for better and to push past circumstance.


Who are the artists, professionals, business men or women who inspired you during your career and your life?

It’s so funny that you’re asking this question because just the other week I posted to my Instagram a photo that had the caption, “Moments Like These” and underneath I wrote, “Moments like these give me hope to keep pushing forward! Thank you to everyone who’s ever followed their dreams and believed past adversity, you are MY INSPIRATION!

Is there any personal life experience that has driven you to be the designer and woman you are today?

YES, life itself. My father passing on. My parents, the only ones from their families to come to America took a leap of faith trusting in the Lord to give myself and my brothers and sisters a better life, so it is my duty and birthright to be the best woman and designer I can possibly be.

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Believe in who God has called you to be, because there is only one you, who can NEVER BE REPLACED.

DO NOT let the tests of life stop you from achieving your dreams, because we can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US!

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