Ruyi & Lyn


Ruyi & Lyn is the new modern and trendy spot in Kuala Lumpur, located on the 4th Floor of the BSC ( Bangsar Shopping Center)

Visitors were surprised when they popped into the restaurant for the first time or by chance, totally astonished from the noble furniture that adorns the lounge area, which also credits its beauty to the shiny showcase collection of regal Moet and Dom Perignon. A refined cigar room decorated as a “Parlour” from another era brings its guests in a timeless space where great minds can meet, discuss and create projects. Get lost and relax, sipping one of the best quality whisky and smoke the finest cigars the home has to offer. Business can definitely meet pleasure in the busy private rooms, where guests, managers and entrepreneurs, can rent a space for a business lunch or dinner, and also enjoy their private time with their beloved family and friends. The nice furniture comes from the collaboration with Linds Furniture.


In the second area of Ruyi and Lyn, you can access only with a great entry. All the guests are invited to feel like a VIP as they walk down the majestic red “Valentino” catwalk in their most catchy and elegant outfits absorbed by the enchanting atmosphere created by the suffused lights, giant screen, and the diamond DJ console in the room.



The menu? A bomb. A new concept, a fusion of Asian traditional flavors and best quality ingredients with a contemporary look, a mix able to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Modernity meets Tradition; both coexist like Ying and Yang, two halves that come together as a whole, two halves chasing after each other as they seek a new balance.



Each dish is a small work of art ready to be hashtagged, shared, and liked by your followers. What can’t be shared is the privilege to be twisted by the intense, orgasmic, apocalyptic taste of each single specialty designed by the multi awarded Chef James Ho.

Cool events celebrated at Ruyi and Lyn?

Guardian People’s Choice Awards, Marie Claire’s 21st Anniversary, Duchess & Co amazing Fashion Show and several private events and parties!

 More and more is coming…

Visit Malaysia, visit Kuala Lumpur, reserve your seat in this luxurious spot and have a great time!

Ruyi and Lyn

Bangsar Shopping Complex

59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ;

+60 3-2083 0288