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Fiorella Migliore

Time teaches you to focus on the things that matter, take the positive and leave the negative aside…

Fiorella Migliore, born on 27th January 1989, also known as Fio, former Miss Italia in the World 2008, represented Paraguay in the Miss World Pageant in China in 2012. She is a young and successful entrepreneur who in 2013/2014 launched her Restaurant Be Okay. Rated 4.5 of 5 on TripAdvisor, Be Okay has been ranked number 6 out of 189 restaurants in Asuncion, Paraguay.

How did you changed through the years: Fio the university student, Fio former Miss Italia in the world 2008, Fio the actress, Fio the Entrepreneur?

I am the same person. I just feel more mature after all the experiences I lived. I always tried to find  and learn lessons from the past and I understood that everything happen for a reason: to learn how to be stronger and the best version you can be.

Disappointments, frustrations, failures experienced so far in this long professional path.

When I left for Los Angeles to study acting and to continue the career I started in Italy as actress, I had to face a very lonely life, sorrounded by evil people, even though some were really beautiful, I had to confront the craziest situations with a difficult manager who tried to pull me down, I choose to put an end, or a pause, to that special “dream” of mine. Afterward, I realized that was not MY dream but a nice fairy tale I was telling myself. So, I settled in Paraguay where I encountered my happiness and now I am happy more than ever.

Your greatest fear and your real strength.

My biggest fear is breaking down under fear. My biggest strength is the endless energy that created us, I prefer to call it God but I can also call it LOVE.

What astonish the people that meet you is not only your beauty but this wave of energeti10349216_718294108259907_6272566354967206386_nc vibes that you spread. What is your motor, how do you stay so positive?

Time teaches you to focus on the things that matter, take the positive and leave the negative aside. It is a daily exercise for me also; I try to improve the quality of the words that come out from my mouth, my thoughts,  the way I visualize the day and life, furthermore  I try to be contagious to others.

The motor is inside me and inside you, if you want and if you are prepared, you can do it. It is very important, having wonderful people around; in my case, my family is my strength since I was a kid. My brother is my angel, and thanks to God, I have found my partner of life and adventure, Juanjo. I met him three years ago, and he is my fiance’ and business partner for one year now. He pushes me harder and helps me to find a solution to every issue I’m faced with.

 What pushed you to open the restaurant “Be Okay” in Asunción?

My head was exploding with all the information I have been feeding myself; about how to improve health, about how we harm the little ones, and how we damage the planet. We could not find a better option than to put ourselves in the first row and act directly, now we are ready to offer our personal solution.

What do you dream for your future and for Paraguay?

I would like to spread the seed of Love and get to every city of the World. I visualize also part of my life also in Italy with Juanjo and with my future kids. I would like my family on my side in this path and all my fellows to become brothers and sisters. For Paraguay I wish a strong conscience and wake up to be better human beings in order to reach happiness.

What about your bond with Italy?

I learned in Italy how to be independent, I grew up faster. I became more attached to this land which I already loved so much. I am confident that one day I could live a bit there and bit here.

Who inspired you professionally and personally?

Professionally I haven’t followed anyone so much so far, but I could tell that there is one name which inspire me in a peaceful way, Angelina Jolie and also Natalie Portman. In my private life, what gives me more inspiration is the oriental philosophy assimilated through Yoga discipline, it brought me peace and self- confidence. I will mention my brother, my fiance’, my parents, my friends Titi, Sofia, Jade, Emma and a lot of other friends that are always by my side. And, I always refer to that energetic strength I told you at the beginning… LOVE.