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PAWS UP! Charity Event

PAWS UP! was founded by two group of animal lovers who aims to lend an extra hand to animal shelters who are in need for an extra boost to raise awareness for the good work they do. They believe that by channeling our love to animals, makes us a better and tolerant society.

Currently, PAWS Animal Welfare Society, a local shelter fostering over 500 abandoned animals is adopted charity for PAWS UP. Their hope is to find these animals a permanent home!


About PAWS Animal Shelter Malaysia

PAWS (Paws Animal Welfare Society) was founded in 1987 by a small group of local and expatriate volunteers. Through their generosity and imagination, PAWS was constructed on a patch of land on the Subang Airport Road. The organisation depends entirely on the generosity of the public through donations or proceeds from charitable events organised and run by volunteers.


Kuala Lumpur, 28th December 2016

PAWS UP! Malaysia’s first shelter community project by two animal lovers em- “barks” (all pun intended) on its second photography fundraiser for the shelter dogs series entitled “Woof of PAWS Street”.

As part of its campaign, PAWS UP! a community project co-founded by Restauranteur Lyn Siew of Ruyi & Lyn and GoBear Malaysia’s Marketing Head, Amelia Lim organized the first of the two-part series to showcase collective works of rescued cats that were up for adoption from PAWS in a different light. The  first installment entitled “Paws Up! Meow Around the City” in collaboration, Zungz Photography raised RM10,000 through the auction of 13 photographs.

This second series will feature 20 of man’s best friend. Shot by Kim Mun, whose works has graced many local as well as International magazines and also print commercials for Malaysia, China and Vietnam.

  His back to basic in his style of photography, goes right to the heart of the subject he shoots thus bringing out their truest and most natural emotions which reveals in his works.

Held at RUYI&LYN in Bangsar Shopping Centre, this cocktail evening encourages “competitive compassion” where the photographs will go to the highest bidder. As part of this cause, cocktail sponsor, Ruyi & Lyn, printer and framers- Colorific Printers, Creative Design Agency – Option 5, Extreme Limousines and GoBear Malaysia generously sponsored their time and resources toward the cause.

“This is indeed a different way to showcase our shelter dogs in a different setting. Kim Mun’s simplicity in photography really brought out the undiminishing spirit of our shelter dogs. We were greatly encouraged by the generosity of the supporters in the first round and we are looking forward to a great night with the founders and supporters of PAWS UP!” says Chia Ern Leong, Shelter’s Administrator, PAWS Animal Shelter Malaysia.

paws6“PAWS UP advocates “The Mutual Rescue” concept because we believe that rescued animals are more than just a pet. They are educators of life’s lessons: they teach honesty, loyalty and unconditional love. They hold an integral role in society as lifelong companions and therapists to the less fortunate” says Lyn Siew, co-founder of PAWS UP!

In 2017, PAWS UP! looks to expanding it initiative with bigger plans and beside advocating pressing issues such as the compulsory micro-chipping of pets nationwide, PAWS UP! is now on a lookout for a donated piece of land to run a self-sufficient mutual rescue animal shelter.

The urgent plight of shelter animals that are in need of adoption is high and where even more animals (these are the lucky ones) are left at the doorsteps of the shelters. The hope is that one day we can move to a society where shelters are no longer a necessity.

So, if you are in Kuala Lumpur, we invite you to visit this charity photo exhibition and auction featuring rescue dog portraits by renowned photographer Kim Mun. It will be held on 9th January 2017, from 6pm onwards at RUYI&LYN, Bangsar Shopping Center. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this fundraiser by submitting donations or placing a silent bid in acquiring one of the iconic photography works. All proceeds go to PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Petaling Jaya.


For any inquiries contact:

Amelia Lim, Co Founder +60125951243

PAWS UP! Facebook Page


“Sometime ago I was forced, for health reasons, to stay locked up in hospitals for a long time and from there I realized the importance of being alive and staying in the open air, watching the colors of a sunrise or a sunset, feel the wind that caresses your face just for a minute and enjoying the scents that only the nature of this land can give you, even from a window.”


Tell us something about you and Isula Design!

My name is Francesca, I live and work in a small seaside village in the district of Sassari (in the North Sardinia). I like everything that has color, form and tradition. I am a nature and animals lover, I live with the fact that I love my dog Sunshine, who taught me to love his world!

I love to walk by the sea as well as in the countryside and  I like stars, the moon, the sun, but also rain and melancholy. I consider myself a very (perhaps too) sensitive and emotional person, full of life. I like to smile and the smile on the face of the people I come close to sends me endless positivity! I am a natural and colorful food lover, as fruit and vegetables are. I think that in life there is always a lot to learn from other people, with humility and respect.

I graduated two years ago as a seamstress / modeler at the School of Art and Fashion in Sassari, for me a dream that came true and I want to continue creating with my style “SardAfrican”, because every woman wants externalize what’s inside, being free to feel colors and by being unique!

Can you tell us more about the ISULA PROJECT?

The project Isula design and the choice of the name was born out of this land, Sardinia, that is very close to me. It is my island that commands my heart, which offers different colors and shapes, but also distant Africa, which is also close in a sense!

Where do you find the inspiration?

The design of the clothes like the colors chosen for the fabrics are a reflection of a deep sense of belonging to my island, endless source of my inspiration. In each piece I try to interpret, with great respect and modernity, the ancient traditions of Sardinia and the bright colors and distinctive landscapes that this land gives to me. Mixing my Sardinians immense passion with the ancient soul and freedom of the African continent, the wonderful and colorful countrywomen, my collection becomes a perfect combination of ancient traditions and modernity, memories of deserts and unreachable mountains, open seas and splendid colors.

Each dress is the story of a mood, each color a feeling. Each collection is an old music.

Where was your passion born?

The passion for the art began as a child, growing quickly with a strong aesthetic sense towards clothing. As a teenager, I began to wish for a look that could fully represent my personality. Finding no garment that reflected my desires, exploded in me the urge to create by myself the wardrobe of my dreams.

Without ever having sewn, driven by a lively inspiration, I bought my first piece of cloth and alone, with the sewing machine of a dear friend, I created my first skirt. Driven by this magical inspiration, I created a garment after the other, with no experience, no pattern, just by looking, touching the fabric and getting carried away by instinct. My friends, affected by the visionary forms and evocative colors, asked me to create dresses for commission.

As if I had done nothing all my life long, I began to study by myself all methods to tailor, to improve day by day the quality of my clothes.

The requests came from people like me, who wanted to wear one of my dresses, out from the usual style, and they increase more and more and at some point it came natural the creation of a brand that identifies perfectly with my style.

I had the impression that nature plays a really important role in your world and for your fashion…

Oh yeah, I love to talk and listen to nature! Sometime ago I was forced, for health reasons, to stay locked up in hospitals for a long time and from there I realized the importance of being alive and stay in the open air, watching the colors of a sunrise or a sunset, feel the wind that caresses your face just for a minute and enjoying the scents that only the nature of this land can give you, even from a window. I think there is no better place to take photos for my clothes and feel in tune with it!

What does your logo represents?

The logo represents for me eternal freedom.

In fact the inspiration comes from the Egyptian key of life, which is also known as the Ankh, or the Egyptian cross Ankh. It is a T cross crowned by a circle, an oval and in some representations, by a snake that twists (the serpent is the symbol of wisdom and if chasing its tail forming a circle is a symbol of eternity). The form of the ankh remembers a key and that is also the reason why it is called “Key of Life” or “Key of the Nile”. Symbolic representation of life and survival after death, but it has been interpreted as a free butterfly, with Sardinian spikes.

The message is therefore to feel free, colorful, feminine, rich in tradition, but above all unique and special wearing my dresses!